Ray Noble
Associate, NSC, Storage and EV Advisor

Topic overview
To be confirmed.

Speaker background

Since the early 2000's, Ray has been advisor to the UK Government, Co-Chair of the DECC Solar Strategy Group, and advisor to the Cabinet Office on their 1 GW of solar for Government Estate.

Ray also worked with Government and the BRE in the setting up of the National Solar Centre based at Eden in Cornwall where he is currently an Associate. The NSC was established to provide independent evidence based knowledge on solar and setting standards through the Code of Practice and raising the bar in terms of design and installer training.

Ray closed BP Solar UK activities in solar in 2006 and set up his Consultancy, SolarBIPV and over many years, has advised many solar companies globally, including manufacturers, installers and developers. Ray continues to give advice to both commercial and public sector customers.

Ray is also involved in electricity storage and electric vehicles and is currently the strategy advisor to the Renewable Energy Association (REA).

Cormac Gilligan
Senior PV Analyst

Topic overview

  • Long term forecast for both markets
  • Solar pipeline sizes
  • business models and market drivers
  • Key developers/market players

Speaker background
Cormac Gilligan is a senior analyst in the IHS Power & Energy Technology group. Cormac is currently responsible for researching the global PV inverter market having published several syndicated research reports on this industry; he is also involved in running IHS market trackers and customer survey report. Prior to joining IHS PV research team, Cormac worked as a civil engineer developing rail and metro projects across capital cities throughout Europe. Before joining IHS PV group, Cormac graduated from University College Dublin with a degree in Engineering. Cormac is based in the company's headquarters in Wellingborough, UK.

Patrick Sweeney
Associate, Projects, Infrastructure & Construction

Topic overview

Patrick will review the common operational and maintenance issues that relate to solar PV projects including:

  • Contract structure;
  • Common responsibilities for the parties; and
  • Key risks and approaches to managing these risks

Patrick will also touch on O&M risk relating to battery storage schemes.

Speaker background

Patrick is an associate in TLT's Projects, Infrastructure and Construction team. He provides strategic advice to contractors, the public sector, sponsors and funders on energy schemes and complex infrastructure arrangements, joint ventures, novel regeneration projects and PFI/PPP projects.

Patrick has advised on a range of energy generation and energy efficiency schemes. Patrick also regularly advises funders on major project finance investments in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland and he is therefore familiar with key issues for funders.

Amit Oza
Head of Business Development

Topic overview
Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) offer a strong business case for businesses to leverage the benefits of solar PV without parting with any of their hard-earned capital. With expected paybacks stretched even further since the cuts to Government subsidies, many businesses now hesitate to commit company capital in favour of investments that offer quicker returns.

However, there are businesses that remain keen to reduce CO2 emissions and benefit from the energy security of solar but struggle to weigh up the financial investment or perhaps have difficulty finding the capital themselves.

With reduced Government subsidy, many PPA funders have since withdrawn investing in the UK and access to PPA funding is not as accessible as it was just 12 months ago. Similarly, 5p electricity rates are also a thing of the past and businesses are realising that locking into tariffs today reduces business risk.

The presentation talks about PPA as a financing solution, the current PPA market and how you can partner with EvoEnergy to deliver future installations that require funding.

Neil Budd
Director of Renewable Energy

Topic overview

  • Revenue streams that a buyer/fund would want to see ie PPA and ROCs/FiTs.
  • Key issues under the O&M agreement.
  • Warranties and guarantees under the EPC contract.
  • Site considerations.
  • Issues that a buyer could look at to add value eg operating the plant more efficiently and areas where cost savings could be made.

Speaker background
Neil is a senior lawyer in the energy team at UK law firm, SGH Martineau, based in the firm's London office. Neil has been practising as a solicitor since 1988. Neil has worked as an energy lawyer since 1999 and has been involved in renewable energy projects since 2005. Neil has been involved in solar PV in the UK since 2010, when the feed-in tariffs were introduced, and has acted on a significant number of projects for developers, funders and EPC contractors.

Louise Shaw
Assistant Director

Topic overview
To be confirmed.

Speaker background
Louise is an Assistant Director in the Environmental Finance team at EY. She has 10 years corporate finance experience and since 2008 has specialised in the renewable energy sector with a particular focus on the solar sector. Louise has advised a wide range of private and public sector clients on finance raising, M&A, strategy and policy. Government clients have included the UK DECC and Ministries across Europe and Africa as well as on Local Authority schemes such as Bristol City Council. She has also advised a wide range of large corporates, specialist developers and financial institutions on infrastructure and corporate transactions including Eaga's landmark £300m project financing and Trina's UK project development.

Richard Lowe
Investment Programme Manager

Topic overview
Bristol's community energy journey

  • Success stories.
  • Whats not gone so well.
  • Why the Council have got involved.
  • Who are our community partners, how have they been supported.
  • Who has been impacted by council/community energy initiatives.

Speaker background
Richard Lowe is a Programme Manager in Bristol City Council’s Energy Service, having joined the team in January 2013, with funding from the European Investment Bank grant known as ELENA. By 2014 a £multi-m procurement Framework had been established for solar PV investments on Council and other public sector buildings, with around 1MW installed through 2015. BCC has also developed PPA financed projects including an early partnership pilot at the NHS Trust and more recently an installation on the new Bristol City football stadium. Richard has also been supporting the growth of Bristol’s community energy networks including a programme of solar roof tops on Council buildings and part financing of a 4.2MW solar park on BCC land.

Adrian Cecconi
Commercial Director

Topic overview

  • Key Issues facing Solar Developers in 2016
  • The Main Issues for Customers
  • What Does the Project Champion Want to Achieve?
  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

Alison Finch
Chief Marketing Officer

Topic overview
Solar need to get smart and become competitive vs. other sources of electricity (LCOE). This requires us to:

  1. Maximising yields – electricity generation
  2. Ensure plants are reliable and safe for 20 years or more
  3. Deploy wherever & whatever the weather
  4. Make O&M simple, easy and efficient
  5. Develop accurate monitoring and control
  6. Reduce BOS costs and create an attractive return on investment

Speaker background

Alison began her corporate career working in sales for the private American Corporate, Mars. In 2010, Alison set up her own solar Installation business in the UK. Alison joined Huawei Solar in March 2014 to launch the Smart PV Solution in the UK. By March 2016, Huawei achieved #1 market share in the UK ground mount sector.

Huawei Solar has been operating in Europe since 2013 and now has six regional sales and service support teams spreading across Europe.

James Graham
Head of Direct Sales

Topic overview
Battery storage is at the forefront of our transition to a smarter, low-carbon energy system. With technology costs falling and the first Enhanced Frequency Response (EFR) contracts recently awarded, there is significant interest in storage from independent generators and developers. But there are still many questions around the business case and the limited revenue streams available. James Graham, who was involved in the development of the UK’s first supply and offtake commercial agreement for a battery project, will discuss some of these challenges - including project payback timelines, uncertainty around future grid contracts and double-charging of environmental levies – and share SmartestEnergy’s experience with helping battery operators build their business case.

Speaker background
As Head of Direct Sales, James oversees business development activities for SmartestEnergy’s largest supply and generation customers, ranging from major high-street retailers and manufacturers to large solar portfolios and wind projects. He has more than 15 years’ experience in developing bespoke commercial arrangements to meet the complex requirements of customers and helping them identify new opportunities in the changing energy market . James became involved with battery projects in 2013, working with UK Power Networks to develop a supply and offtake agreement with SmartestEnergy for their 6MW battery in Leighton Buzzard. This was the largest battery project in Europe at the time and the agreement was the UK’s first.

Steve Pester
Principal Consultant

Topic overview
The scheme provides on-going, independent, third party assessment of the design and installation quality of building mounted photovoltaic (PV) installations of 50 kW and above. The purpose of the scheme is to provide building operators, developers, financiers, insurance companies and installers with confidence that installed PV systems meet current best practice requirements. The optional on-going element covers best practice in operation and maintenance. The scheme is open to any planned or existing PV system if it is:

  • 50kW or larger
  • Building-mounted
  • Connected to the grid (low voltage network)
Certificates are issued by BRE Global, BRE’s certification body.

Speaker background
With over 10 years' experience of renewable energy projects, Steve is highly active as a renewable energy consultant offering Expert Witness services and technical expertise. Steve has in-depth knowledge of the theory and practical implementation of microgeneration systems. He is an active member of the Microgeneration Certification Scheme PV Working Group (MCS technical standards) and British Standards Institute GEL-82 PV standards committee.
Steve has written and contributed to more than a dozen BRE and IEA publications on renewables. Steve is City & Guilds PV and BPEC Solar Thermal qualified, has a BSc in Physics and an MSc in Environmental Science.

Paul Neary

Topic overview
Neo Environmental have conducted work on a number of co-location projects in both England and Northern Ireland from the initial feasibility stage through to the discharging of environmental conditions. The initial considerations for the co-location of a solar farm in conjunction with an existing wind farm can be quite complex and requires comprehensive technical and environmental analysis. There are significant benefits in locating solar and wind farms within the same site, including shared grid connections, the negative correlation between wind and solar, as well as existing impacts and infrastructure. In terms of planning there are technical constraints that need to be evaluated and the criteria for this will be discussed. The CER consultation document, ‘Review of Connection and Grid Access Policy: Initial Thinking & Proposed Transitional Arrangements' in the Republic of Ireland, highlights opportunities for co-location of wind and solar and so the topic is extremely relevant at present.

Speaker background
Paul is one of the owners of Neo Environmental and has a diverse environmental background with heritage, archaeology and environmental management qualifications. To date Neo Environmental have conducted technical and environmental assessments for both the planning stages and discharging of conditions, for in excess of 550MW of commercial solar.

These assessments have been completed on projects ranging from 4MW to 50MW and have been undertaken across the whole of the UK and Ireland. Neo environmental have worked on projects for clients including Lightsource, Gaelectric, Lark Energy, Vogt, Low Carbon and Highfield Energy, to name a few. Paul has overseen the environmental and technical work for standalone solar farms, but also for the co-location of solar farms and wind farms in the UK.

David Maguire

Topic overview

  • Solar Potential in the ROI
  • Drivers/ Challenges
  • Current Status in the ROI
  • The Support Required
  • Benefits of Solar in the Republic of Ireland

Speaker background
David Maguire is Founder and Director of BNRG Renewables, which he set up in 2007 as a renewable energy development company specialising in utility scale solar PV projects.

In a very short period the company has developed and constructed a significant portfolio of projects and has operations in seven countries across three continents. To date, the company has delivered over a significant portfolio of projects and has operations in seven different countries across €170 million worth of operational assets.

An environmental scientist by profession, David has over 20 years' experience in the environmental and renewable energy sectors. He is Chairman of opportunity for Northern Ireland to look beyond wind and to the Irish Solar Energy Association.

Hassen Bali
Commercial Director

Large scale energy storage is on the cusp of a revolution and Camborne have led the move with the co-location of grid-tied projects, recently announcing the first European Tesla grid scale system. Installed alongside a ground mounted solar site in the UK, this system is designed to produce low carbon energy when the grid most needs it.

Camborne are a UK based finance and development company with a background in developing renewable generation projects across the UK. Having delivered more than 150MW of capacity in the UK they are now continuing to build their energy storage division.

Speaker bio:
Hassen has focussed on renewable energy, clean technology and project financing for the past eight years. As Commercial Director at Camborne Energy Storage, Hassen is responsible for delivering an extensive pipeline of energy storage projects, alongside managing strategic alliances that facilitate the company’s objectives. Prior to Camborne, Hassen was at Lightsource where he spent two years managing the acquisition of solar PV sites, having previously co-founded Cadence RB Limited, through which he worked with many companies covering international solar PV, wind and waste to energy project developers and a carbon fibre cylinder technology for hydrogen storage, transportation and vehicle applications.

Declan O'Halloran

Topic overview
How the backoffice moved to the forefront of making renewable energy competitive with traditional energy sources.

Speaker background
A constant theme in Declan’s career as a serial entrepreneur has been the creation of strong administrative resources as a platform for controlled expansion, effective management of complex organisations and constant improvement of systems and procedures. Since founding Quintas Energy in 2008, Declan has managed its growth across five renewable energy markets and simultaneously facilitated the controlled growth of its clients’ portfolios. Declan’s experience in the development and management of solar energy assets in the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy and the USA has given him a comprehensive view of the sector’s challenges. As a result, Quintas Energy’s services accurately address the needs of renewable energy investors. Declan holds a BA and MA in European Studies and is fluent in several languages. Declan runs Quintas Energy from its London office in Canary Wharf.

Ralph Gottschalg

Topic overview
This presentation will look at:

  • Underperformance (low performance ratio)
  • Is the field underperforming?
  • How to proof it is underperforming?
  • Performance deterioration
  • When and how is it relevant?
  • PID?
  • Snail trails: is it or will it be a warranty case?

Speaker background
Prof. Gottschalg is heading the Applied Photovoltaics Research Group in the Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology (CREST) of the School of Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering at Loughborough University. He currently also is the Head of the Energy Division and Director of Research Degree Programmes of the School. Prof. Gottschalg has a broad interest in the field of applied photovoltaics, ranging from device measurement and characterisation to photovoltaic system's performance investigations. The team at Loughborough investigates areas such as device performance, device ageing, system optimisation, environmental effects on different devices. The group has a strong background in electronic engineering, meteorology, measurement and automation and a modelling of semiconductors and material systems.

Mark Turner
Managing Director

Topic overview
O&M is shifting into a new territory, which looks far beyond limping to the end of the two-year post construction guarantee period at the lowest cost. O&M has become a long-term standalone business which is looking toward a 25-year horizon. Lightsource Renewable Services (LRSL) is an experienced provider of PV Solar O&M Services presently servicing over 1,300MW of ground-mounted and roof-mounted systems in the UK for multiple clients. Mark Turner, Lightsource Services' Managing Director, will explore the major challenges facing the solar O&M sector.

Speaker background

Mark has built Lightsource Renewable Services, the UK’s leading provider of PV solar O&M services which guarantees the performance of over 1.3GW of PV solar operating assets for a range of investors and owners. Lightsource Renewable Services employs over 85 skilled staff across the country and is the custodian of more than 6,000 acres of the UK countryside.

Previously Mark has served as Strategy Director for AXA in the UK leading a series of acquisitions; as a Change Management Consultant in diverse environments such as submarine overhaul, banking, distribution, pharmaceuticals and as an Operations Director for semiconductor manufacturers such as Plessey, GEC and Mitel.

Thomas Sauer
President & CEO

Speaker background

Thomas Claude Sauer is President & CEO of EXXERGY GmbH, a consulting firm providing first class consulting and operational support. The international Consulting Focus is in the fields of Energy, Rare Raw Materials and Specialty Chemicals. In 2009, he established a group of subsidiaries around EXXERGY Green Power Holding GmbH for project development, realization and operation of Renewable Energy Power Plants. Furthermore, Mr. Sauer established a subsidiary by the name of NEXXERGY Green Power Trading GmbH in 2010, and further subsidiaries in the USA, Hong Kong, and China. Assuming EXXERGY commitments, besides the operational tasks, Mr. Sauer is engaged in supporting quality control standardization efforts in the renewable energy sectors (particularly PV) participating in expert task forces at SunSpec Alliance, TÜV Rheinland, IEC etc.

Topic overview
This presentation will address the background of why quality ratings will help to understand the nature of risk exposure in PV power plants by explaining the pressure on market prices and production costs and their potential influence on the quality of return of the final PV power plant, providing also a few examples. A systematic quality rating approach will be discussed as well.

Will Hitchcock
Managing Director

Speaker background

Will is an engineering graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Air Transport Engineering and has held his private pilot’s Licence for 27 years. He has had a keen interest in renewables and energy conservation for many years and during 2014 and 2015, as Programme Director at Push Energy, Will was responsible for the construction of 150MW of ground mounted solar farms throughout the UK. In September 2015, Will founded Above Surveying and is currently running this business as Managing Director. Prior to joining Push Energy, will built up 20 years commercial experience, having held a number of senior posts in banking and legal IT in the City. Will is also a Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) and 6 years ago he set up the UK’s first community owned solar co-operative, Green Energy Nayland, for which he is still a Director.

Topic overview
Many existing solar assets in the UK were built quickly to meet subsidy windows, often to the detriment of quality and asset performance. Solar PV panels are increasingly manufactured under cost pressure and in high volumes leading to uncertainty around warranted life expectancy in various climatic conditions. Current solar plant monitoring systems do not provide the level of granularity in reporting to identify individual module failure or cell level defects. Current asset health assessment approaches lack an economic way of assessing the health of the entire module estate and current thermographic inspections of solar PV are predominantly carried out by individuals with handheld cameras and rely on a random sampling approach, with obvious consistency and coverage limitations. Above Surveying is a specialist in aerial thermography of solar plants. Formed from the UAV expertise of Buzzflyer, an established UAV constructor and supplier and the solar PV expertise of Push Energy, a UK solar EPC and O&M provider, Above Surveying delivers an aerial thermographic inspection service. Through the use of its patent pending sensors and methodology, Above Surveying is able to accurately locate, assess and record defects across any solar asset.

Alastair Mounsey
UK & Ireland Country Manager

Speaker background Alastair is the Country Manager for the UK and Ireland and has been responsible for the development and execution of projects in the full range of PV sectors such as ground mount, commercial and residential as well as managing distribution channel sales. Included in the achievements at JA Solar are many of the largest and most prestigious single and roll-out projects in the UK. Alastair has spent over 10 years based in Shanghai China previously working in electrical wholesale and project management.

Topic overview

  • UK/EU PV module market trends
  • MIP/AD
  • Global PV market overview
  • Major product, production and cost developments

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